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ellen's dollhouse #3

Building Dollhouses for the Love of it!

This site is dedicated to all the Dollhouse Builders who Love their craft, who always have a project that they can't wait to get to, who spend their evenings with paint and glue and wood all for the gleam in the eye of some lucky recipient.
The Dollhouse on the left is the first of many Dollhouses made by Ellen, who now builds new dollhouses from kits and ressurects neglected classics found in attics and garages.

Ellen: first one I did; truly a beginner.  It was an old 4 room fixer upper. When the day came to work on it, I should have put it in a dumpster it was in such bad shape.  But eventually, it was finished and came out as a darling little cottage.  Granddaughter will be 15 this week and loves it.
rich's dollhouse

This site is also for those who are just starting with miniatures or are thinking about building a dollhouse; maybe your kit that has been in the closet for 17 years or maybe it's a pile of pieces on the coffee table and your nervousness is in equilibrum with excitement.
Maybe you just want some help.

You have come to the right place!

As questions are asked, answers will be posted.