Batch Dye Shingles

Reactive Dye or
Penetrating Stain


RGT Shingle Dye
Dye-1 or Dye-3

Dye Intensity

Do not use paint, latex-based ("rubbing") stain or stain mixed with urethane ("One-Step") in the batch-dying process shown here.

Painting Shingles

Finishing the Interior
Finishing the Interior

protect your hands
protect your hands
protect your hands
Protect your hands


Subject: Re: Dye on my fingers
I just finished dyeing all the shingles. Thank you for the instructions. My fingers are all colored too. Water and soap are not working at all. Any idea on how to remove the color from my fingers?

Hi; A wash of water and bleach will get everything except the cuticles and cut the “let the skin grow” time by a lot… I always do some level of bleaching – mild if I am just going to work, but with more bleach if I am going out.

I particularly enjoyed the color of my feet when I wore sandals to a tie-dye workshop and had cerulean blue and golden yellow toes.  I did not bleach that out, and enjoyed it for several days until it faded by itself. 
Hands are more difficult to leave colorful.  ;^)

Hi; Google said to use toothpaste. I put some on, then I rubbed for 15 minutes or more; the dye is all gone!

Well, that’s a great trick and I will post it for others… It sounds gentler on the skin than bleach!